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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Addy Rasidi a.k.a Addy Cradle - ( Ex-guitarist for Teacher's Pet / Cradle )

Addy Rasidi is one of Singapore's most established and respected guitar player. Formerly the guitarist for the band Teacher's Pet which was really famous for their song " Warisan Wanita Terakhir" during the 90s. This guy is a scary player who can shred and at the same time can also play some really wonderful tunes. He is not only a guitar player but also a songwriter, lyricist and producer.

Here is my interview with Addy :

Hi bro Addy. Thanks for having the time to answer a few questions for our blog. I know you are very busy as a guitarist and musician so i will get right to the questions.

Addy : No worries. My pleasure. Sorry took awhile to get back to you coz of my schedule.

So bro, this is a typical question but i have to ask you this, when did you start playing the guitar? How old were you then?

Addy : I started when I was 10 yrs old, 1985.

What was your first guitar?

Addy: Ibanez Roadstar

And your first band?

Addy: Just a band from school

During the early years, who were your main influence?

Addy: Hilarry Ang from Search, Kid from Gersang, Akira Takasaki from Loudness, Jason Becker, Steve Vai, Paul Gilbert, Richie Kotzen

How was your practice regime like during those years?

Addy: I practice before school, after school and before I sleep at night, one to 2 hours each.

And do you still practice as much today?

Addy: Slightly lesser time. With my 2 kids around me, it’s a luxury to have time for practice!

I first heard of you when you were with Teacher’s Pet. How old were you when you joined the band?

Addy: I was 15 years old.

I was impressed with your guitar works especially on “ Eh Keras Tu” it reminds me of Richie Kotzen. Was it inspired by Richie Kotzen or any other guitar players?

Addy: Yes it was inspired by Richie Kotzen. He was my main influence besides Akira and Vai.

Although i am a Bruneian, but i do know that people call you Addy “Gilbert”. Maybe because of the Paul Gilbert influence? But for me i would call you Addy Kotzen because your playing “shredding” sounded more like him. Correct me if i’m wrong.

Addy: Yes, hahaha. Actually I got the name Gilbert because I was playing Paul Gilbert’s guitar for 2 years. When people started calling me Gilbert, I sold the guitar because I wanted my own identity.

After Teacher’s Pet, you then joined Cradle and hence the name people call you Addy Cradle. What was it like between Teacher’s Pet and Cradle? Did your musical path changed?

Addy: Yes. In Cradle, I have more control of the songs, in fact I wrote most of the songs. I started singing in Cradle.

Tell us more about your solo album. What inspired you to do the album “ Rahsia”?

Addy: I just wanted to explore my vocal capabilities

Are you planning to do an all-out instrumental guitar album? If so do you plan to feature other guitar players as well?

Addy: Yes I am planning. In fact I have a few songs already. Not planning to feature other guitar players. Tabla? Sitha?

Lets talk about guitar technique. Whats your most favourite guitar technique? The ones that you usually incorporate in your playing. Alternate Picking? Legato? Etc...

Addy: Nothing in particular actually.

Can you give us an insight on your current guitar setup?

Addy: I’m playing Ibanez J Custom with DiMarzio pickups breeds, tonezone, air norton and virtual vintage solo pro. D’addario 10/46 strings. Guitar effects GT8. Jim Dunlop 535 Wah. DiMarzio cables. Ibanez Thermion Tube Amps.

Ok bro can you please give a brief comment on some of the guitar players i’m about to mention.

· Yngwie Malmsteen

Addy :Neo classical genius

· Paul Gilbert

Addy: Funny but scary player

· Andy Timmons

Addy: He’s great

· Steve Vai

Addy: He’s my hero

· Richie Kotzen

Addy: He’s my hero

· Guthrie Govan

Addy: Fusion, Rock, Jazz, Country – this guy can play anything

· Eddie Van Halen

Addy: He’s a legend

· Buckethead

Addy: Is he the KFC guy?

Lastly bro, any advice for all those aspiring guitar players out there especially in Brunei who just started out playing the guitar?

Addy: Just keep on practising and always practice something new – scales, mode, anything

I would like to thank you bro Addy for answering these questions that will provide us more information about the guitar in general and especially for your fans here in Brunei. Maybe we can jam together sometime when i visit Singapore. Till then bro keep in touch.

Addy: Sure!

Here are some video link of Addy Rasidi. I would recommend you guys to check out more of his stuffs or better yet his albums with Teacher's Pet, Cradle and his solo album.

Guitar Rules!!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Recommended Song : “ Technical Difficulties “

This is one of my all time favourite song by Racer-x called “ Technical Difficulties played by Paul Gilbert.

This song was first featured in his 3rd Instructional video call Terrifying Guitar Trip and later a full version of the song came out in their album also entitled “ Technical Difficulties”. You might want to check that album out.

Indeed a very technically challenging song and difficult to play and if you practice to play this song it will undoubtedly improve your alternate picking as well as your fingering.

Try this one out and have fun.

Guitar Rules!!


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