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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Guitar - Ibanez RG450 LTD - Owner - Sai

This is an Ibanez RG450 LTD Edition. Its a silver metallic one and it really looks stunning. Have a look!!

The Specs:
Body : Basswood
Neck : Maple, Wizard II
Fretboard : Rosewood
Fret : 24 Jumbo
Bridge : The Edge Pro
Pickup : H-S-H, IBZ V7 (Neck), IBZ S1 (Mid), IBZ V8 (Bridge)

I havent tried my hands on this guitar yet but i can see that it should be really a cool sounding guitar and the standard IBZ pickups should sound really nice just like most of the other RG series around using the same pickup. As for playability i read reviews that this guitar is really easy and comfortable to play with. Now i gotta ask Sai to let me try this guitar!!

Guitar Rules!!


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