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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Guitar - Ibanez RG450 LTD - Owner - Sai

This is an Ibanez RG450 LTD Edition. Its a silver metallic one and it really looks stunning. Have a look!!

The Specs:
Body : Basswood
Neck : Maple, Wizard II
Fretboard : Rosewood
Fret : 24 Jumbo
Bridge : The Edge Pro
Pickup : H-S-H, IBZ V7 (Neck), IBZ S1 (Mid), IBZ V8 (Bridge)

I havent tried my hands on this guitar yet but i can see that it should be really a cool sounding guitar and the standard IBZ pickups should sound really nice just like most of the other RG series around using the same pickup. As for playability i read reviews that this guitar is really easy and comfortable to play with. Now i gotta ask Sai to let me try this guitar!!

Guitar Rules!!


Jon said...

I used to own an RG550DX back in the early 90's that was very similar except it was purple neon, you could blind people in the audience with the pickgaurd!!

KiDeN~H.D.3 said...

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nightfall said...

i once own ibanez rg .. and the neck is also comfortable .. easy to move up and down the neck .. i guess thats what ibanez are known for making comfy necks that are thin .. im not sure the feel of a low end ibanez but the mid to high end always feel good.. and yeah what im surprise is that for a passive pickup it sound very powerful and thick... im use to play with active emg pickup 81 tapi the tone out of that rg 7 string is powerful .. but sadly i sold that guitar .. because i not used to play a 7 string so i got a jackson rr but yeah im not comfortable with the shape .. i regret selling that rg because after i sold it then biasanya tia with a 7 string ..

why i got 7 string in the first place? because trey of morbid angel uses it and his tone is amazing on god of emptiness .. and peter of hypocrisy uses it on that live album hypocrisy destroys wacken ...
not because of korn .. never been a fan of nu metal but i respect korn for starting a whole new genre but im not really into the music ...

best guitar i have ever used has been that esp/ltd v350 with the pickup modified to emg ..they discontinued it in 2004 but i sold it off because broke then i bought esp sv but the feel and tone doesnt feel right to me so i bought back a v350 from someone .. the quality for that ltd for the price is equivalent or better than ESP .. great craftmanship and the wood is heavy .. so yeah .. i heard guitar prices have now gone up because of the price of wood ..

another good guitar i played that gives excellent tone is Gibson lespaul custom tapi its not comfortable to play very heavy .. tapi the tone is excellent and thick .. i modified the pickup to EMG 81 ..

a comfortable guitar to play is esp eclipse but sadly its not a neck through .. comfortable but the tone is just ok .. but nice to play live .. the neck feels comfortable when compare to that gibson ..

but basically a good guitar always come down to personal taste ... some people like neck through ,, some people like certain tone ..
some people love fender while some i dont .. i like the look of fender strat but i dont feel comfortable playing it because of the neck.. so its all come down to individual or personal taste

Anonymous said...

apa website ani?untuk org men heavy sja ka?nightfall.. na ko tau pasal pickup lain ka?seymor ka dmarzio ka reflex ka kinman ka..ani emg th ganya memanjang.peasanku smua guitar ko mension dbwah kn ko tukar kai emg.go get a high end jackson,charvel or a krammer bnyk yng sudah pakai emg tu.nda ko payah tukar2 pickup lagi(jgn plng ko ambil yng india)gibson..emg?u gota be kidding me i kno yes ada gibson yng kna install emg but..lespaul is a vintage guitar..y wld u wana spoil a good vintage guitar same goes to fenders and all vintage guitar..i wld like to c f ada org install emg to a rekenbecker.ahaah what a laugh.keep playin ya`ll

Anonymous said...

EMG's has a darker tone where as seymour duncans are brighter in my opinion. I use to own both pickups on LTD's and id still prefer my seymour duncans. (JB & Jazz). My comparison is between 81 & 85 against Jb & Jazz.

Anonymous said...

right have to agree on anonymous,m using a seymour duncan' hot and cool rails on my fender they sound awesome and more versatile compaired to my charvel wif emg pickups.yea y wld anyone change their lespauls ori picups to an emg? *sctratching my head*

ganjar guitar piece said...

great ibanez guitar dude...

mOhd zAmRi said...

where i can find this great guitar..i like their spec act...because it use edge pro bridge...and very nice to other rg series...this is japan made right...?


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