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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Guitar - Fender Stratocaster 1972 Reissue - Owner - Zul

Hi guys,

This is a very nice guitar owned by Zul. He bought this guitar in a guitar store in Ochanomizu, Tokyo Japan. Its a Japan Fender Stratocaster 1972 Reissue and where better to buy it than Japan itself?

The colour itself is reminisence of Yngwie's favourite "the duck" strat although without any scalloped fretboard. The cool thing about this guitar is that it is installed with USA pickups and not Japanese made pickups. Here are the specs :-

Body : Basswood
Neck: Maple Oval Type
Fingerboard: Maple
Pickups: Standard Vintage USA
Control: 1 Volume - 2 Tone - 5way switch

This is really a cool guitar.

See Ya

Guitar Rules!!


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