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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Guitar - Gibson Les Paul Owner - Yuri

This one is a beauty. Its a Gibson Les Paul '59 Historic Reissue, with a Brazillian rosewood fingerboard, serial no. 93145. Gibson Les Paul 59 reissue made in 2003 is the most accurate and sought after Gibson Les Paul historic series since Gibson Custom Shop made them in 1993. Available only in 683 pieces, it is the only Les Paul reissue made with period correct wood and accesories. For example, these guitars are the only ones available with brazillian rosewood fingerboard which has been banned from being used since 1960's.

Nowadays,Gibson only made the 1959 Les Paul with a less accurate fingerboard, the Indian rosewood which again was not used on the original 1959 Les Paul. The pickups are the replicas of the original PAF from the 1950's which was invented by Seth Lover and coincidentally the PAF were also the first humbucker pickups ever invented.

All components of the guitar were made using replicas of the originals from the 1959 guitars. Even the plastic volume and tone knobs were made from the correct plastic material as the originals. The body is made of eastern maple and mahagony which were obtained from the same forest where Gibson used to make the originals 1959.

So my good friend Yuri here is one lucky guy to own this magnificent guitar. I am sure if he were to auction this off it would cost not less than US$14,000 nowadays. The sound and playability of this guitar is really awesome and when you plugged it in direct to a! is the word that i can only describe. And when Yuri plays this Gibson its totally incredible as you can feel the connection between him and this guitar.

There's some more guitars that he owns and that will be added soon. so check this page often. see ya.


Paolo said...

Gibson les paul are the best :)
but expensive, so get a used one

Anonymous said...

cua ko tanya nightfall cna kan tukar pickup ori gibson to another pickup ia tau tu pickup apa kn d tukar,infact iath ganya pickup iatau x..hahahha btw cool guitar bro!salut!!

Anonymous said...

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